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What sort of business do I want Badibidu to be?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I'm only just starting out. That's both completely true and a total lie actually, I have owned this domain name for over a decade and paid for it annually but this is the first time that I've actually had a site linked to it and paid for the renewal with money made by the business! So I wanted to say thank you (because I'm both proud and grateful), and explain what your money is building when you shop with Badibidu.

I want Badibidu to be a business which I'm really proud of not just because I'm selling things that I made (which I am very proud of!) but because it's a good company that thinks about more than just itself. It's such a baby business that I don't know all the ways I can make it do that yet but I'm starting out with trying to make sure it is an ethical business. I give the profits from certain prints to relevant charities: the Diabetes Star was commissioned and paid for as an original but then any prints that have been made I have given the profits to Diabetes UK. The Sheffield Children's Hospital prints and 'The Sheffield Set' greetings cards all help raise money for the Children's Hospital Charity and I look forward to doing more for that cause because it's so close to my heart. I have supported local charity fundraising by providing prizes and I was really happy to give greetings cards to SCCCC, a non profit organisation who was matching up pen pals with older people.

I want the company to be sustainable, as a company and as a job/career/life! I try to use as little packaging as is suitable for each task. I reuse packaging whenever possible and what we do buy is recyclable (mostly brown paper and paper tape). I will be encouraging shops to take the greetings cards without any clear packaging, and in the meantime using biodegradable clear wrappers.

I want this business to be a positive addition to my life as well. I will only take commissions when I am able to. This will mean that when you buy a painting you know you are buying something that was painted joyfully and calmly and happily. I hope the bright colours and 'imperfect' style are hung on your wall or sent to a friend and they make you feel good. Because they will be making me feel really good when I paint them.

Please get in touch if there's anything you'd like to find out more about. Thanks for reading...

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