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‘Work in progress'

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I wish I’d been as confident as my 4 year old at her age, I wish I was now! I wish I realised things don’t have to be perfect. You enjoy, you create, people can like or not. I’m a new painter, I’ve always loved drawing and art and various crafts but I only found this style of art as my toddler repeatedly dragged me to the table to paint with her. I love painting so much and I can’t believe it’s taken until I’m nearly 40 to realise that my love of colour could take this shape.

Ive been asked a few times where I start with various pieces, whether it’s paint or ink first. But it depends on the subject and how much detail there is. Generally with buildings I sketch, then paint loosely, then paint/ink/paint/ink/paint/ink (very rarely linear or one first then the other). But I love painting oceans because it’s all paint and no ink and you have to move in a careful order at the right speed to ensure the colours can blend and merge in the right way. Which is why you don’t see oceans being painted when kids are at home…

With all paintings I try to remember to paint the most risky part first so hours aren't wasted on other details if that tricky bit doesn't go quite as I want. That could be really detailed ink line-work or a sky/sun that I want to flow exactly a certain way. Some paintings work and some don't and I can never predict which those will be but you almost always get to a certain point and you're not sure it's working and then suddenly you see it's going to be lovely. That's a really nice moment. I’ve started some sketches and gone off the side of the page and had to start again, my light can be wonky but somehow those are peoples favourites, I love mixing styles and colours and subjects. I’m definitely still learning and I LOVE that.

So you might say, Me, I’m work in progress.

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