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The suppliers behind Badibidu

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I’m really proud of our suppliers so I’m going to go into some detail about them here, and give them the shout out that they deserve.

My aims when choosing suppliers and collaborators are that I want people who are specialists and have high standards, that they’re generally nice human beings to deal with and that we all consider human and animal wellbeing as well as aiming low waste where possible. I think I'm achieving that so far!

The printers we use for our various sized prints are Mensa printers on Abbeydale road, Sheffield. They were recommended by a fellow small business owner because they’re experienced and local, and they have been really kind and patient helping me figure out how to get the right quality of print and paper and the best colour matches.

For the card printing we decided to go for a national printer Art4site because I had no idea how many we’d sell so I wanted them deliverable to the house on a really fast turnaround. This award winning company is a specialist in fine art prints and have been so incredibly professional and easy to work with. They provide the option of compostable wrappers which I appreciate even though I’m an advocate for unwrapped cards when possible.

Dawn from Little Bits of All Sorts makes our beautiful hoodies and enamel mugs. She’s a friend I already knew so when I saw her sharing beautiful things I asked if she could put my paintings on things for me and she agreed! I love her taste and high standards for materials sourcing as well as production and it’s just lovely to work with friends.

That’s it so far, although I have a couple more products in the pipeline for this summer. I’ll let you know when there’s news on those!

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