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October Newsletter - First ever Big Night In

So many plans! Antiperfection update, Badibidu big night in, advent calendar download... you might say I get over excited by new plans and start things before I've thought them through, and you'd be right!

Badibidu Big Night In - Tuesday 2nd November 7:30pm GMT

I have never set up a zoom before but dog knows I've sat in enough of them and I'm sure I can figure it out.

The evenings are getting darker, we may or may not be seeing friends going out more and we can't or don't want to or we might be feeling nervous about it. Or maybe we have no choice and we're all stuck at home again. How do you fancy the most fun and least formal zoom ever? Let's have some evenings to look forward to chatting with our most comforting food and drinks and painting. Or whatever your favourite craft is. Or maybe you just want to sit and use my natter as the least relaxing ASMR ever to fall asleep to? Your kids can be in and out, you can leave and come back whenever you need to. Just to clarify it's not a teaching session but more company and relaxation and inspiration and ideas. We can ask each other about how we did a thing and suggest fun things to try.

I'm thinking it will look just like this...

a victorian tea party with traditional and old fashioned depiction of women sat in a flowery garden with maids and children playing
Badibidu's big night in - or maybe not

...except we'll all be in our pyjamas... in our houses... with a brew or a glass of something tasty to sip.

It will be a totally inclusive, lovely, encouraging, positive, safe space for anyone who wants to come and join in. Anyone who does not meet these criteria will be booted 😃 👍

So, Tuesday 2nd November evening is our first go, you can come and not talk at all or come and chat. There are plenty of chatters to fill the gaps or we can just quietly paint in each others company. I'll share the zoom link on social media when I have it ready. Please pop it in your diary with a reminder if you need one!

White lady sat in front of blank sheet of paper with black cloud above her head looks sad, then she starts to scribble looking determined and the black cloud gets sucked into the paper. In the third and final part of the image the woman is sat with a drawing of the black cloud and she looks calm and happy.
Let's get people happily scribbling without worrying about perfection. Thanks @malfunctioningmommy for this great picture!

#Antiperfection update

I'm so excited about this! I can't explain how many places I've posted these cards to. They've gone all over Sheffield to parts of the NHS, to some schools, to Sheffield Futures, all sorts of places. But they've also gone to mental health organisations in Wales, and Devon, and they're going out in movers packs locally, and they're going to be heading up to Scotland soon! It's so exciting. I'm beaming. If you can afford £5 to buy 30 cards to give to your local school or appropriate charity I'd love you to buy them here, as the couple of quid profit from that sale will go towards me posting more out all over the place. Thank you!

The advent calendar is now drawn!

I will be removing pencil marks, scanning and finishing and attaching it to an email to send out for free to all subscribers very soon. So if you or a friend would like to make sure you get the advent calendar then please subscribe from the www.badibidu.com homepage. You can forward this email or that download email to anyone you like.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, I hope you enjoyed them. See you soon on social media!

Cat x

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