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What Neurodiversity means to Badibidu

I am part of a neurodiverse household, I won’t be going into more specifics than that as it’s not all my information to give but I can certainly say we’re ND-positive and how our brains work impact my painting and business daily! With Neurodiversity Celebration Week 21-27 March 2022 approaching I want to write my thoughts on art and Neurodiversity and I’d love to hear how you use your art and/or crafts to help your functioning, mental health, or anything at all ☺️

I’ve always loved making things, I’ve always sewn, knitted, crocheted, drawn, painted, made jewellery. It’s been a way of relaxing, of expressing myself, of learning new things, of distracting myself, of procrastinating 😬, I adore colours so the bright yarn and paint and jewels make me so happy. I’ve always been someone who fiddles with things and this provides a focus for that, which feels more productive than other options!

My youngest kid’s total love of painting got me back into creating and the comfort that the colours and brushstrokes give me are some of the best mindful moments I have ever found. No matter how frazzled my brain gets there’s a calm when I focus and start applying paint to paper. I frequently start with no plan and sometimes I get to a point and throw it away but the time hasn’t been wasted because it was ‘still brain’ time. Sometimes it turns into something that I love! My point is that you can get so much from creating and you don’t have to show anyone until you want to or ever if you don’t want to.

I’ve wanted to paint the rainbow infinity symbol for neurodiversity ever since I painted the flowery rainbow at the beginning of Badibidu really kicking off. I had previous attempts but finally managed it and I can’t believe the wonderful response it’s had. I want to make it widely available so the neurodiversity poster will be available for £1 in my Etsy shop until the end of March so everyone can fill their schools, offices, homes and clubs with posters reminding anyone who sees it that we all need different accommodations and when we receive them we can really flourish! It can feel very complicated to get it right for all of our brains sometimes, but really it’s as simple as the fact that we all need different conditions to thrive just like all animals and plants. We’re suited to certain conditions in an infinite number and variety of ways.

Listen to neurodiverse adults and children about their own experiences and you could pick up tips for your own self management and how to help those around you. I’ve seen so many friends and family members really flourish once they figured out a few simple rules for their brains (rest requirements, noise regulation, online community, medication and creativity often appear on the list!).

For those who’d like to simply enjoy the artwork I have A4 art prints, and of course the mugs. I might add to the collection in the future so drop me a message if you think of anything you’d like.

I‘d love to hear from anyone in terms of where we can use this artwork! I love the thought of kids seeing it on their classroom walls and the mentality shift it could help if seen by the right people.

I’m also always here to chat. I by no means have any answers but sometimes a chat can help massively 💕

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