• Cat Regi

My inspiration: Oceans

I grew up in Devon in a teeny village near Exeter. We spent so much time at the beach as a family and growing up at friends houses that the seaside and particularly pebble beaches will always bring back strong happy memories for me.

I wanted to be able to show you some of my favourite local beaches growing up so here are some stunning photos that family and friends sent me to share here. Hopefully you can see where my skies and pebble colours are coming from when you flick through these stunning photos of Devon beaches such as Sidmouth, Budleigh, Exmouth and Lyme Regis (as well as others)

I love painting oceans, they’re a break from my flowery pieces but just as much a part of me. If anything they’re some of my most special paintings because I have to really concentrate and painting the rocks I can hear the noise of them clacking in and out with the tide. I really hope to paint lots more of them, and I’d love to hear where my paintings remind you of.

If you’d like to try painting pebbles I’ve written another post called 5 tips for painting watercolour pebbles, and maybe at some point I’ll do waves too but for now you’ll have to freestyle!

I‘d love to see your paintings of my oceans up in your houses, please tag me in a photo on social media if you have one and you’d like to share!

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