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I can hear you! (aka September Newsletter)

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I've been in retail over Christmas plenty over the years but never as a producer/maker and I am appalled at myself but I've listened to my retailers and got myself in gear and got the Christmas cards ready! They'll be printed this week and with shops ready for them to sell to their normal seasonal timelines... which will amaze anyone who knows my total inability to get my own Christmas cards written and posted on time EVER. It does mean however that they will be ready for me to take to my next in person market at Fox Valley, Sheffield, on 26th September and they'll be up on my website soon. I've tried to make them seasonal but with a definite Badibidu twist.

Next piece of news is that I'm trialling a monthly Badibidu subscription box and the first boxes will be sent out over the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping they might help people sort little presents to themselves and friends each month because not only will they be beautifully wrapped (polkadot tissue paper and wax seals etc) so you can pay for a subscription for someone else, but also if you treat yourself to a subscription you can keep some prints and gift others as a card is included each month as well as a little extra something. Prices to be confirmed after trial period but at the moment you can get 3 months for £45. Send me a message on social media or email me to set it up and ask any questions hello@badibidu.com

Each monthly box will contain:

1 x A5 unframed Badibidu print (worth £15)

1 x Badibidu greetings card (worth £3)

1 x Surprise extra (value variable)

First class postage included

Custom hoody orders will be opening again soon!

Those who have been following me for a while saw lots of very happy cosy people receiving their Badibidu hoodies and zippys last time we ran a custom order. I feel like the weather has turned and I think everyone needs a nice thick soft jumper with a cowl neck and thumbholes so watch this space and I'll soon be opening the books for a custom order. The hoodies will be £45 including postage and as previously you'll be able to choose a print to go on the front. The hoodies are made by a fab one-woman company I work with on a few bits and from ordering it will be about a month until you have your hoody in your hands. There is also the option of a zippy for those who need it to go on and off a lot for work but that doesn't have thumbholes.

That's all of my news for now, please come and see me at Fox Valley next Sunday 26th September ☺️

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