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Happy Veganuary - please feel free to be imperfect 💕

I want to be really transparent about all the ways that I try to be a sustainable business, and I feel like this month that ties in with Veganuary (where folks go vegan for January and often beyond).

I did Veganuary a few years ago and have been very plantbased/vegan to various extents ever since. My goal is always to increase that but I also strongly believe in the importance of self care and embracing antiperfection when required. As part of a neurodiverse household including small humans and with multiple incredibly annoying allergies (including raw fruit and veg 🤦‍♀️) I most definitely grant myself the same grace I extend to others.

For those who care deeply about where they buy things from or if you are simply curious about how veganism could affect an art business I include below all my various attempts to make Badibidu as vegan as possible.

🖌 Paint brushes - I only buy synthetic brushes, I don't need animal hair to paint how I like to and personally I prefer the bounce and flick of synthetic brush bristles.

🎨 Paint - my favourite paints are the Daniel Smith tubes, who have a good history of using synthetic options where other brands use binders such as honey. The only product they have previously confirmed is not vegan is their black, and I use very little black! The handmade paints I get from Campbella Paints and Reneeaissance Colours are vegan, so that’s all my sparklies covered, and I’ve just ordered a new palette from Stuart Semple at Culture Hustle which is vegan and not for profit so I’m really excited to try those out.

📄 Paper - I did NOT predict that this would be my issue when I started looking into ensuring all my vegan bases were covered! But it turns out that watercolour paper often uses gelatin *clenches fists and shakes them at the sky reminiscing on milk powder issues*… so I will use up my paper supplies and move over to a vegan paper as they do exist, but in the meantime if you would like a synthetic paper used for a commission please just ask and I’ll ensure you get it.

👋🏻 Artist - Me and my family are doing our imperfect best and will continue to do so. Me and my hubby are doing Veganuary again this year together which is great for tidying up areas where you know you’ve slipped and I’m so proud of Mark for getting so into the whole thing when he was somewhat skeptical when we first started this journey some years ago 🥰

I’d love to hear if you have any comments or queries on any of this. I’m still learning and always happy to have things raised I hadn’t thought of as it’s all a work in progress and I’d love to do as much as I can!

The main thing I would recommend to those doing Veganuary is to accept that you’ll not be perfect and that’s ok. Nothing is perfect if you look hard enough so we can only do our best. It might take time to fully transition and you might never fully transition but every degree you achieve is hugely impressive and worth doing.

I wish everyone a very happy new year, please like and share this post if you appreciate a small business trying to be its best imperfect person 🥰

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