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🥳 Best of 2021 - the best blog bits 🥳

First full calendar year in business 😮 Could I be much prouder?? Nope! Has it always been a dream to sell things I've created? Yes! I've really enjoyed adding the blog into the mix, it gives me a chance to get my rambly wandering thoughts out of my head and if other people enjoy reading them all the better. I've recently been loving chatting to other artists and hearing their rambly thoughts too so you can expect more of that in 2022.

But for now, here are my top 3 blog posts of 2021! I hope you have a few minutes to reread one of them or dip into one you haven't previously seen.

❤ IN 3rd PLACE, we have Fierce Brambles and Unapologetic Red Hot Pokers. This has a sneak preview of a commission I did for personal trainer Aimee Pearce. This commission was not plain sailing, half way through they got ruined by a leaky window and I had to start some again! Ok ok... potentially the leaky window was actually a window I left open over my art desk 😱 Consider that lesson learnt the hard way...

❤ IN 2nd PLACE, we have What Sort of Business Do I Want Badibidu to Be? One of my first articles, I was pondering the most important goals for Badibidu as it grows in terms of what I do and how I do it, and how it treats me as the only member of the business too! I'm hoping that I can keep checking in on this blog post to keep me heading the right way.

❤ IN 1ST PLACE, is 5 Ways Antiperfection will Improve Your Life The most read blog post of the year by far, the #antiperfection campaign post has been something I'm really proud of.

This campaign has seen wallet-sized antiperfection affirmation cards be sent to individuals, schools, youth groups, public health organisations and mental health centres all over the country. If you would like some please click here (profit goes to sending out more cards to those who can't afford them) and if you can't afford to buy any please message me your address and I'll send you some totally for free.

Let me know which blog post you've most enjoyed this year and if there's anything you'd like to learn about or anyone you'd like me to try and get in as a guest blogger!

Happy reading and I hope you have a great rest this holidays

Cat x

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