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Badibidu commissions - Totally unique artwork

You may have seen my news, I’m reopening commissions for 2022! Wahoo!

That means you will be able to request a totally original piece of Badibidu artwork, in advance of a specific date, with your most special themes, colours and flowers included.

You will be able to choose from two designs, either a garden scene or an ocean scene. Once you have decided the basic subject, you can let me know any particular plants or flowers to include and any particular favourite colours as described in the bullet points below.

All commissions will need 4 weeks lead time to make sure I can make you something really special.

1) Garden scene

I think my garden was the first place I started designing using contrasting/complementary colours and shapes and I love capturing peoples gardens in a painting. It’s such an amazing record of your hard work. The best thing about having a painting of a garden is you can guarantee everything will be in bloom at the same time!

With a commissioned garden you can:

- choose day/evening

- include up to 5 special plants/flowers

- include tree or greenhouse

- add irridescent/neon/metallic highlights

- select paper size (A5/A4/A3/A2) and portrait/landscape. - framed/unframed

[slideshow of garden paintings including evening greenhouse, magnolia tree commission, red sky at night, hummingbirds and spring explosion]

2) Ocean scene

The sea can be important for so many reasons, I grew up near the sea but other people have favourite happy holiday memories there or they love sailing, open water swimming or just sitting and staring at it. The ocean can be calm or fierce and it’s always powerful.

With a commissioned ocean you can:

- choose calm/stormy waters

- choose pebble beach or larger ocean area

- add irridescent/neon/metallic highlights

- select paper size (A5/A4/A3/A2) and portrait/landscape. - framed/unframed

[slideshow of ocean paintings including glossy pebbles, splashy pebbles, calm ocean and stormy ocean]

Please get in touch if you’re interested in a commission but not sure what to choose or if you’d simply like to chat more before deciding.

See more of my work on Facebook or Instagram @hellobadibidu and message me any time via my website or social media 😊

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