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5 ways to bring colour into your home

Interior design is absolutely not my natural stomping ground! But I'm at the airport and Mark loves a design mag so here we are, let me take the hit for you. I've trawled many many pages to pull out five achievable things that I think most people could do fairly easily.

It’s probably obvious that I would believe colourful paintings and prints have a place in your home, but this blog post gives a few ideas on including colour in your decorations in a variety of ways. I hope that these suggestions might help you to be a little creative and brave with your spaces but make sure you love things before you buy to avoid wasting time or money, and remember you can keep it simple. This should be fun not stressful!

A pile of colourful cushions including a teal decorative pillow, a striped cushion and a number of pink and red shade soft furnishings. A watermelon pillow sits at the front.
A range of colourful, patterned soft furnishings (photo credit @cosy_little_home)

Tip #1 Seconds and off-cuts - head to fabric shops and they‘ll often offer discounts on small end pieces of rolls of beautiful fabrics. Enough to make a small cushion or to frame if you love it enough. They can be matched to something you already have or choose a few mismatching if you like the #maximalist look. Textures can make or break a snuggly sofa spot so make sure you like the feel if it’s going to be something you lean up against a lot.

A pink and green colour scheme in a hall and family room where art complements chosen colours (photo credit @cosy_little_home)

Tip #2 Colour schemes don’t have to be complicated - take your favourite painting or picture and choose two other items in the room to match to one of the colours from it. That can be as big as a sofa to small, cheap items such as a lamp or cushion which could be moved from other areas in the house, sourced from a charity shop or bought new. If you want to go really big choose a colour and get a pot of paint to match then update old furniture or as many walls as you fancy!

Tip #3 Shy with colour? White or neutral walls are a blank canvas for someone feeling a bit too nervous to go huge on colour. Add colour with soft furnishings, blankets, cushions, plants and pictures.

A Childs bedroom with toys and blankets matching bright colours in the framed rainbow art
Neutral walls let the colourful art and soft furnishings shine (Floral Rainbow by Badibidu)

Tip #4 Bring nature in - I don’t think you can beat plants for relaxing and colourful decoration, bring as many in as you can care for! But if you haven’t got a single green finger there are amazing fake plants these days or you can buy large botanical prints or paintings and put them in any corner you might have cheered up with a plant.

Tip #5 Still not sure where to start? Support local producers, look on Google for your town or city’s makers and artists, search Etsy for your favourite colours, materials, textures (the search features are excellent), follow Instagram accounts like @cosy_little_home @househomo @rainbowhomemonthly @squaresofcolours or many others which are full of colour and ideas.

Floral art or a plant will cheer up a corner, whether the plant is real or fake! (original artwork by Badibidu)

Your home should be a space that you love, that really represents you and makes you feels safe and happy. Don’t be scared what other people will think, it’s your home and as long as you and anyone who shares your home likes it no one else gets a say! Even if it’s just you who craves a certain colour or idea there’s usually some space you can claim just for you to enjoy it. I'd love to see your colourful homes, please tag me and show me on social media @helloBadibidu

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