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5 skills you do NOT need as an artist…

As Badibidu has gained lots of members in the last year I thought I’d share more about myself, but I don’t want to bore you with the same old stuff so here are what I consider to be 5 skills which are unusual for an artist, and most definitely non essential in my current career.

1) Driving a 3.5 tonne truck - I was a project manager for Love Local Food, an amazing social enterprise helping get locally grown produce out to the community and I had to drive a massive truck through the tiniest streets of Exeter! I now drive an electric car for my deliveries and might even challenge myself to do some future Badibidu deliveries on my bike… thats the goal anyway!

A 3.5 tonne bespoke made mobile shop with a bright design of fruit and vegetables all over the outside of it.
I used to drive and project manage this Love Local Food project! (Exeter, Devon)

2) Being a ninja - ok maybe not an actual ninja but I spent my teens and some of my 20s training in British Kenpo Karate with my brother and lots of other people who became like family. It was amazing for confidence and friendship and I got my third brown belt which is the one before black belt! I do not use this skill with Badibidu you’ll be pleased to hear. I only use it when parenting.

Cat with her snuggly hood up smiling the smile of a tired parent put in a warm hoody.
See? Face of a ruthless warrior.

3) Speaking Italian - absolutely essential for a few careers but not many, I did a degree in Italian in my 20s and as part of that I had an amazing year in Urbino which is a teeny medieval university town in the hills. We are currently having a lovely family holiday at @olivetohouse in Umbria where i soak up sun and colours to put on paper when i get home ☀️

An Italian villa with the sun hitting the outside
We go to @olivetohouse lots and I practice my Italian trying to keep it from falling apart 😅

4) Compost expert - I love to garden and have loads of unnecessary information about soil structure, compost maintenance and worm health in my brain. Totally essential knowledge! The flowers I grow in our garden are so beautiful but it takes years to really see how the plants will pop out through the year and work and grow together. One of the nicest things about painting if you love gardening is that you can create your ideal garden in days rather than years, then recreate it differently next time you sit down!

This is part of my garden with forget me nots and 3 compost bins in the background. I love it so much.

5) Roller booting - I have started to learn to roller boot and it's so much fun. Skills that feel like being a kid are some of the best ones, like painting, cycling and running... and falling on my arse whilst learning to roll around on wheels definitely count. I'll let you know when I can do anything more than wobble and fall over 👍

So there is my list of 5 skills you do not need as a watercolour artist but they’re part of what makes me who I am so I’m grateful for them! Let me know in the comment a random skill you have which you absolutely don’t need for your current career!

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