The Full Story


I'm Cat Regi and I'm a Sheffield based artist who loves colour.


I hope that Badibidu can fill rooms and lives with colour.


The paintings are full of vibrant colours and tiny details so they can be a moment of relaxation next to a desk or a bedside.

I love nature so in the garden scenes you'll find lots of identifiable plants and flowers, and the oceans come from growing up on the pebble beaches in Devon with my friends and family. 

I want to be part of the movement to add beautiful things to the world in a positive way. I want to run a business that gives back, via donations, mental health awareness and supporting other ethical businesses.

I'm so grateful for the support I've received and I hope that through my Antiperfection campaign and sharing painting tips I can help others take those very first steps.


What is Badibidu?

Badibidu is a small business made up of one person (me!), producing colourful art and items made using that art.

Random fact: Badibidus is what I called caterpillars when I was little!